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Collider Heroes - Was X-Men Apocalypse A Disappointment?
Welcome to the 59th Episode of Collider’s Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with regular guests John Campea, Amy Dallen and Robert Meyer Burnett. On this episode of Collider’s Heroes (Tuesday May 31st, 2016) we discuss:
-Heroes is moving to Wednesdays
-The Rock cast as Doc Savage
-X-Men: Apocalypse box office and what's next
-Captain America revealed as a Hydra Agent in the comics
-Rosa Salazar cast in Battle Angel: Alita
-Minor Mutations
-Collider Heroes is Moving to Wednesdays
Collider Heroes is moving to Wednesday! Set your calendar everyone, because the Collider Heroes Panel will be even sweatier! Next week, Tuesday, is the premiere of Collider Nightmares, a show dedicated to all things horror and it will be hosted by our own scream queen Clarke Wolfe, with Perri Nemiroff, Mark Reilly and myself talking about ghoulish cinematic nightmares and bloody good series to watch, like The Conjuring now Collider Heroes will be let loose on Comic Book Day, Wednesday, the sweatiest day of the week! 
The Rock is Doc Savage!
Yes, this man is literally in everything, and that’s totally okay for the Collider Heroes panel. The Rock is Hobbs, he’s in Baywatch, he’s Black Adam, he’s in some new Ludlum Cinematic Universe and now he’s Doc Savage in writer director Shane Black's next film after he rocks the new Predator! Doc Savage is indeed the very first super-man, introduced in the pulp magazine that brought us The Shadow, and The Phantom. In fact many say Doc Savage was the inspiration for Superman! The Rock announced the casting via his Facebook page saying that the #1 reason he is most excited... is because "HE'S A F*CKING HILARIOUS WEIRDO!" The panel talk all about the Doc Savage film and what The Rock and Shane Black will bring to the adaptation. 
X-Men: Apocalypse Box Office and the Future
X-Men: Apocalypse opened here in the states to a solid $65 million, much less than was expected; with mixed critical reviews and audience word of mouth affecting the box office. Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg have been very vocal about the upcoming X-men, New Mutants, Deadpool and Wolverine films and what they hold for the future. The panel go into detail about the future of the mutants over at Fox and look at what we might be able to expect from the X-men franchise.
Lex Luthor Returns for Justice League
Jesse Eisenberg let people know over the weekend that Lex Luthor will be returning in the Justice League film, currently in production. Though details were pretty scarce on just how involved he will be in the movie, Eisenberg did confirm his return, saying he's excited to be a part of the new movie and to get his turn. 
Captain America: Hydra Agent
Marvel did a massive shake-up for their Captain America comics line, revealing that Steve Rogers betrayed his team saying “Hail Hydra” in the last panel. The news was heard around the world, to noticeably mixed reactions. Even the writer was getting death threats! Every single person on social media it seemed was weighing in with their own opinions and so, the Heroes panel offer their own thoughts and look towards the future of the series and how it might affect the MCU. 
Rosa Salazar Cast as Battle Angel: Alita
The much talked about Manga comics adaptation has found its Alita in actress Rosa Salazar. The film is going to be directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron, who is currently busy directing four consecutive Avatar sequels. The panel look at the casting news and wonder what a Battle Angel movie will look like on the big screen!
Minor Mutations:
Flashback - Blade Trinity (2004)
Twitter Questions
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