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Collider Movie Talk - Lionsgate CEO Wants 7 Sequels To Power Rangers

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (May 27th, 2016) Dennis Tzeng, Kristian Harloff and John Rocha discuss the following:

-Lionsgate wants 7 sequels to Power Rangers

-New trailer released for Deepwater Horizon

-First image from Alien: Covenant released

-Battle Angel Alita movie casts its lead

-New Independence Day: Resurgence posters released

-Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve to Reteam for Crime Thriller The Son

-Box Office Predictions

-Mail Bag

The new Power Rangers movie isn’t due in theaters until next March but Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer is already talking about sequels. Seven sequels to be exact. In a report from by Variety, Feltheimer was on a conference call with analysts when the subject of their Power Rangers movie came about. In discussing the future, and the possibilities of sequels. We’ll have to wait and see if those seven sequels come into fruition when Saban’s Power Rangers hits theaters March 24th, 2017.

Lionsgate has released the newest trailer for Deepwater Horizon, the true story based on one of the world’s largest man-made disasters to occur in the Gulf of Mexico in a story meant to honor the brave men and women whose heroism saved many on board the oil rig known as Deepwater Horizon.


20th Century Fox has released the first official image from Ridley’s Scott’s Alien prequel/sequel known as Alien: Covenant. The first look shows Katherine Waterston’s character revealed to be named Daniels with nothing revealed to be known about the character other than she has short hair. Alien: Covenant will pick up 10 years after the events of Prometheus, and finds a crew aboard the colony ship Covenant headed for a remote planet.

James Cameron has been developing Battle Angel, an adaptation of the Manga series Battle Angel Alita for years now, but with his attention pulled in the direction of the Avatar franchise there has been very little forward progress until recently when Cameron handed over directing duties to Robert Rodriguez, with the filmmaker looking to find the right young woman to lead the film. Now, in a report right here on, sources are saying that Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials standout Rosa Salazar has landed the coveted role of Alita.

20th Century Fox has released a set of new Independence Day: Resurgence posters that prove all landmarks in our world are prime destinations for vengeful extraterrestrials. The posters show no building is safe, with the alien invaders targeting the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben.

According to Variety Jake Gyllenhaal is set to reunite with his Prisoners and Enemy helmer Denis Villeneuve for the adaptation of Jo Nesbo‘s critically acclaimed suspense novel, The Son. Villeneuve will direct the film, which follows a long-imprisoned drug addict who stages a breakout on a mission of vengeance when he discovers the surprising truths behind his father’s suicide.




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