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On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Thursday August 10th, 2017) Mark Ellis, Clarke Wolfe, Jon Schnepp, Perri Nemiroff, Natasha Martinez and Wendy Lee discuss the following:
-Star Wars The Last Jedi EW cover spread reveals new plot details
-Riz Ahmed in talks to join Tom Hardy in Sony’s Venom
-Opening This Week
-Blade Runner gets R Rating
-Deadpool director Tim Miller to adapt Neuromancer for Fox
-Mail Bag
-Live Twitter Questions
EW yesterday revealed their huge spread of The Last Jedi photos that gave us all new looks at Luke, Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn, Poe and General Leia. While the photos also showed off new locations like casino planet Canto Bight, new vehicles like Kylo Ren’s Tie-Silencer and Snoke’s Samurai like protectors The Praetorian Guards, the articles accompanying the images also revealed new plot details we can expect to see in the movie. Perhaps the most interesting came in the article about Rey and Luke, where it revealed a bit of Luke’s backstory on why he decided to become a hermit on the planet Ahch-To. 
According to Variety, Riz Ahmed is in early talks to join Tom Hardy in Sony’s Venom movie. Ruben Fleischer is directing the spinoff of the Spider-Man franchise, with details about Ahmed’s character currently unknown, though sources for Variety say he will be playing a popular Marvel Comic character in the film. Speculation has already begun to swirl around the Rogue One actor’s casting, with many suggesting the role could be that of Carnage, which THR previously revealed would be the antagonist of the movie. 
We now know for certain that Blade Runner 2049 will follow its predecessor, Blade Runner, by giving the movie an R Rating. Anticipation for the sci-fi sequel is especially high for fans of the original ever since Sicario and Arrival filmmaker Denis Villeneuve signed on to helm. The movie was officially given the rating yesterday for “violence, some sexuality, nudity, and language.” 
Deadline is reporting that Deadpool director Tim Miller has signed on to direct an adaptation of the 1984 sci-fi novel Neuromancer for Fox, with longtime X-Men producer Simon Kinberg on board to produce. While a writer has not been set for the movie, it will be based on the novel written by William Gibson and tells the story of Henry Dorsett Case, a disgraced computer hacker living in Japan who was punished for stealing from his employer by being rendered unable to access The Matrix, a worldwide virtual reality network. 
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