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On today's AMC Mail Bag (Friday September 27th, 2013) we take the following user-submitted questions:

Brian Buchmeier writes:
Hey, all.  Love the show and you guys are awesome.  I have some questions for you.  With films based on lesser-known comics like The Losers, Scott Pilgrim and Kickass not being huge box office successes, do you think studios will shy away from non mainstream comic book movies?  Or will they continue to make them based on the popularity of the comic book genre in general?  Also, what are some non mainstream comics you would like to see made into movies?  I would personally love to see Umbrella Academy and maybe Danger Girl.  Thanks

Alex Bartz writes:

Hey guys and gals love the show. All these rumors about Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor are awful! I personally think he's too old to be Lex in this DC universe. I think they should get someone younger, and bigger, so Lex is actually kind of terrifying when he wants to be. Maybe Aaron Eckhart? I'm not sure. What do you guys think? Thanks!

jemayne walker writes:

Greetings to you all I'm a total fan of your show and I love what you guys do so please keep up the good work. I'm writing because I thoroughly enjoyed the recently seen "Now you see me". I was shocked by how great this movie was and the stellar cast that supported it. I don't know if any awards were achieved from this movie but this was a well thought of and put together film probably one of the best I've ever seen actually.  Towards the end they give you hints of a second movie but I was wondering did it do well enough to deserve a second movie? I don't remember there being a lot of publicity for it though. Anyways thanks and be blessed.

David Chatzistamatis writes:

So Walt Disney had a philosophy regarding sequels, and it came about after his Three Little Pigs sequel flopped: he said "You can't top pigs with pigs". My question to you is this. Is Pixar being a bit hasty in creating so many sequels to their films? Obviously all of the Toy Story sequels have done marvelously, but what about the rest (Cars 2, Monsters U, and soon Finding Dory)? I know John has expressed his eagerness for a 2nd Incredibles, but should Pixar embrace Walt's viewpoint and stop trying to top pigs with pigs (so to speak)? I enjoy sequels as much as anyone else, but if Pixar announces just one more sequel I'm going to start wondering if they have any more clever, original stories left to bring to life. The original stories are what they're so genius at, after all!
Thanks guys. 

John Boone writes:

Hey guys, big fan of the show and watch daily. My question for you guys is, how do you think they will introduce Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch? Will they wait until Avengers the Age of Ultron or just maybe could they introduce them through Marvel's new TV show, Marvel Agents of Shield? What are your thoughts on how they will introduce the brother-sister duo?

Louie Lohrke writes:

Hey John and Crew this is Louie. I was reading an article and it was talking "Facts" about Captain Jack Sparrow and it got me thinking since ths character's legend even in the movies is larger than life what would you think about doing a story of how he became who he is. (I know John doesn't like Prequels because you know where they are and that they survive.)I have heard everything from his sister was turned into a cat and he almost had his hand cut off. it says that he was born on a Pirate ship in the middle of a Typhoon and that he ran from home because his Grandma was mean to him. I would be interested in seeing this tale, What do you think?

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On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Sunday September 29th, 2013) we address the following user-submitted questions:

tyler neihoff writes:

Hey guys, love the show and keep it up as always!
With the upcoming Superman/Batman movie, if there is indeed a face off, there will have to be SOMETHING to give Batman an edge. And I think it will be Kryptonite, and hear me out please. In MoS Kal's ship basically hyper traveled to Earth, and Krypton exploding sometime after. Since he got there so fast, would it be justifiable to say it could have taken 30 something years for the debris of Krypton to reach Earth and a certain billionaire to get his hands on it first? As in Luthor or even Bruce. Thoughts?

Jamison Plakon writes:

Hi AMC Movie Talk Love the show. My favorite comedy is dumb and dumber so of course I am excited for the sequel. My question is with them saying it will be better than the original do you think they will keep the PG13 rating that the original one had or go for an R rating this time around since most comedies seem to lean toward R  lately.

Jacob VanHoutan writes:

Greetings and salutations movie talkers.  Do you think that any old James Bond films can be remade?  I think that some of the bad ones and/or good ones could be remade and be just as good or better?  Thanks.

Tony Garcia writes:

Hey Guys and Girls. Love The show, Keep up the great work. Been a fan for about 6 months. So recently you guys gave your top 5 comic movies of all time, and I have say I was disappointed by all you (JOHN!!!!). Mainly because you guys didn't have Man of Steel as #1. What is going on? Please explain. As a Video Editor myself I thought that movie was just great and epic. I have to say as of right now This is the best movie ever for me. :) The script was amazing. The development of the characters was just amazing and was there! The story was amazing and you can see the struggle happening with everyone. This is what makes a great movie in my eyes. But you gave Avengers #1.
For me I know its hard to make a comic seem real and sometimes we just want a great movie but also you want it to feel real and with Avengers it wasn't, But with MOS it felt real. Hope you guys see this message! Keep rocking on.

Kenneth Hernandez writes:

Good mates! My question is about the storytelling of Fast & Furious and Star Wars. They both take similar approach because their next films both take place after what happens from their original third movies. Is this a rare or new method of storytelling, what do you guys thinks?
 Keep up the great show!

Jacen writes:

Hey guys love the show, enjoy hearing everyone's input on topics. My question/ concern anyone else agree that comic films lose steam or just get worse by the time they reach their third film? Like x-men 3, spider-man 3, the dark knight rises, ironman 3. After realizing this I'm actually concerned with comic book trilogy endings. Your thoughts on this trend or am I crazy? Any who keep up the awesome work and bring some filthy.

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Wednesday September 25th, 2013) we discuss:

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4) Runaways
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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Friday September 13th, 2013) with director Jon Schnepp, we discuss:

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2) Ben Affleck's Batman will be tired, weary and seasoned 

3) First Robocop poster

4) First Grudge Match trailer

5) Production begins on Paddington 

6) 3 Film wishes

7) Will Khan appear in more Star Trek films?

8) Godzilla

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AMC Movie Talk episode for Wednesday September 4th 2013

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