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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Friday March 28th 2014) we discuss:


Amazing Spider Man 2 Images

The Purge: Anarchy Trailer

Night Movies Trailer

Dead Space/Alan Wake Movie Adaptations

Old Man Logan Movie

Phantom Menace Vs Batman and Robin

What to do with a bad movie


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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Monday March 27th 2014) we discuss:


The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer

Bradley Cooper possibly as Indiana Jones

New Jupiter Ascending trailer

James Gandolfini's last film

Transcedence images

Marvel intro logo

Good movies with bad messages


and live viewer questions

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (March 26th, 2014), with guests Silas Lesnick from and Maude Garrett from, we discuss:


1) The Rock confirms his involvement with D.C.

2) Hercules and Edge of Tomorrow trailers drop

3) New Cheech and Chong movie

4) New image of DeHaan as Green Goblin

5) New Pratt and Faris comedy 

6) Joe Manganiello 

7) Eva Green as Catwoman? 

8) Favorite elements of movie?


...and live questions from the fans!



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VOTE for round 3 of our Superhero Comic Book March Movie Madness Tournament here: 

On today's installment of AMC Movie Talk (Tuesday March 25th 2014) we discuss:

Possible PROMETHEUS 2 developments
AVENGERS 2 set images
First April O'Neill and Will Arnett shots from TMNT
New ANT-MAN casting
New ENTOURAGE images
...and questions from the viewers

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Monday March 24th 2014) we discuss:


New X-MEN trailer

Paul Walker gets CGI for F&F 7

Box Office Surprises

New Pee-Wee Herman movie

M Night Shyamalan's SUNDOWNING

Marvel films with non-Marvel studios

Critic rating vs Audience rating

and live viewer questions





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On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Saturday March 22nd 2014) we take the following viewer emails:


Denny Alexander writes: Hi, AMC. I read a news on Yahoo that Mark Ruffalo's character would be getting a love interest. So, my question is do you think Liv Tyler would be returning as Betty Ross or Marvel would just re-cast everyone from The Incredible Hulk? Considering all the issues with the production and it has been almost 7 years since the Incredible Hulk came out.


Stetson Robison writes: Hey AMC Love the show, never miss it. My question is about the film, Snowpiercer. The trailer was amazing, and i've been waiting forever for it to get released in America. I saw that it's FINALLY coming here in June. Why did it take almost a full year to come to the US, and why did the studio want to cut the film shorter for American audiences? Also, are you interested in seeing it? Thanks!


Anthony Lawrence writes: Greeting sons and daughters of amc. With phase 2 of the "Marvel Universe" being implemented,is there any chance that we could see "The Sub Mariner" on the big screen?


Connor Brown writes: Hey sons and daughters of AMC! I was wondering. It seems that everyone asks for a Friends movie (including myself), but what about a That 70's Show movie? The last two seasons were underwhelming and the series finale left some major plot lines unfinished. The show has a big enough worldwide audience that the studio would make a profit on a $30-40 million budget. Do you think it would be a good idea if they did this and do you think we will see one in the near future?


Karam Mahjoub writes: Hey guys, LOVE the show! Going back to the 73rd Academy Awards (on year 2000 films), would you agree that the award for best lead actor should have went to Tom Hanks (for Cast Away) instead of Russell Crowe (for Gladiator)? I think Russell Crow did a good job, along with other great actors. But when you can literally hold a movie all by yourself, and still deliver tons of emotions and actually show struggle, you are definitely a winner ! and to me Tom hanks did a much better better performance.


Marcos Lopez writes: Hey AMC! I was just wondering if there was a 28 Months Later in the works? 28 Days & 28 Weeks Later we're great in my opinion & they got good Box office number, your thoughts?


Ralph Terry writes: Hello AMC Movie Talk, the best damn movie show on the web. I wanted to ask. Now that the Academy Awards are fully over, I wanted to ask which did you think is hold more prestige or weight, winning an Oscar for anything or getting an honoree award? I think getting an honorary award means more because, even though not figuratively, anyone can win an Oscar if they give a great performance in a movie that year. But to win an honoree Oscar means that you are ingrained in some way into the history of movies. Just curious as to what everyone thinks. Thanks.




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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Friday March 21st 2014) we discuss:

Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs?
FANTASTIC FOUR reboot sequel planned
Golem to direct JUNGLE BOOK
March Movie Madness Tournament Round 2!
And questions from the viewers!

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Thursday March 20th 2014) We discuss:


GAME OF THRONES movie talks

SPLINTER CELL movie gets director

Lord/Miller up for GHOSTBUSTERS

Is Marvel getting darker?

INCREDIBLES 2 timeline

Is JURASSIC WORLD bad guy Dr. Wu?

A 3rd 300 movie?

and questions from the viewers!


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On this installment of AMC Movie Talk (Wednesday March 19th 2014) we discuss:


AVENGERS 2 Hulkbuster art

GHOSTBUSTERS moving ahead

SECTION 6 gets director


New GODZILLA trailer

The beginning of the Superhero March Movie Madness Tournament! Fill out your brackets!




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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Tuesday March 18th 2014) we discuss:


New PEANUTS teaser

Arnold talks TERMINATOR

SEX TAPE poster


Alison Brie joins GET HARD

Fox dumping FANTASTIC FOUR team?

NEED FOR SPEED sequel chances

and questions from the viewers!

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