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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Wednesday April 30th 2014) we discuss:


Bob Hoskins

Star Wars Cast

Assassin's Creed

The Sinister Six

Favorite Movies

Star Trek Universe


and questions from the viewers!


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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Tuesday April 29th 2014) we discuss:


STAR WARS cast announced

New GODZILLA trailer

9 more DC Comics movies from WB

Harrison Ford a major role in STAR WARS

PIXELS gets release date

Kevin Smith doing ANTI-Claus

and questions from the viewers!



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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Monday April 28th 2014) we discuss:

JUSTICE LEAGUE officially announced
STAR WARS "Canon" redefined
and questions from the viewers

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On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (for Sunday April 27th 2014) we take the following viewer emails:



Kevin Balakrishnan writes: Greetings and Salutations sons and daughters of AMC, I love the show and I watch it constantly. My question is why are there so few pirate movies or movies like Master and Commander? Have the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise hurt the business? Thanks and keep up the great work!



Joseph Current writes: Hey guys!  I love your show and watch it every day!  My question is about typecasting.  Obviously an actor has to have some level of success to be in enough films that they become typecast, but sometimes this hurts the actor's chances of being in other movies and limits them to the same small role time and time again (Michael Cera, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston).  Other times it immortalizes them into iconic roles for the rest of their career (Harrison Ford, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman).  Thoughts on if/when typecasting is good or bad?


Cody Wiese writes: Hey guys your awesome keep it up! My question is with the success of Monsters University do you think we will see an actual sequel to Monsters Inc. in the future now? I enjoyed M.U. But missed Boos character. Thanks guys and bring on the filthy!


Noire Requiem II writes: Hi guys love the show and of you on it! I was looking up online stuff about dismays upcoming projects, and stumbled across a project set for December this year called into the woods! I'm very interested in the casting and premise but want to know what you guys thought about it. Is it simply a 'dark' fairy tale rehash, or perhaps in Disney's hands special? 


Joe G writes: Hey guys, love the show! Why did cap have so much trouble fighting that bad guy on the ship at the beginning of winter soldier?  Greatest super soldier of all time versus a talented martial artist?  It just didn't make sense to me and had me annoyed from the start of the film.  How was this not on your negative list?


Dahniyal Awan writes: Hey guys love the show, daily routine for a while now. Now we all know how great of an actor Tom Hardy is, and how great he is becoming. My question is do think he will be an Oscar regular nominee/winner like the DiCaprio's, Hanks, Bales...? I hope so (such talent) Thank you guys, keep up the great work!



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On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Saturday April 26th 2014) we address the following viewer emails:


Joshua Graham writes: Do you think that one of the star wars spin-off films could be how Darth Maul came to be a Sith or is it possible we could see Darth Maul return in the new trilogy? Because as I am sure you know John, it is hard to kill a Sith. Would love to know your thoughts, thanks and keep up the great work.


Ryan Rich writes: What are the chances we'll see a Community movie?  Dan Harmon supposedly wants to do one, and the show has a passionate, albeit small, fan base.  Please tell me I'll get to see Jeff Winger again.


brentman132 writes: Will we ever see a wraith of the titans sequel?


Sam Schofield writes: Hey AMC! I am absolutely addicted to your channel after only finding you a month ago. Thank you so much for all of your great content. Do you guys think that Marvel needs a 'super' female? Black Widow is great, but she's not exactly 'super'. I think a good choice could be Ms. Marvel. Who do you think would be a good female superhero choice for Marvel to counter DC's rumored Wonder Woman movie?


Sean Will writes: Without looking at budget and box office numbers, but focusing on cast, director, writers, producers, and overall story/script, what would you consider the biggest movie flop of all time?



Mike Gulick writes: My question is about films that are shot back to back. It seems to me that, if a studio has already committed to filming 2 or even 3 more films in a franchise, then it makes sense financially and logistically to film them all together. If the films are pretty much guaranteed money makers, why don't more movies take this route? Or am I completely off with my assessment? Anyways, thanks for your time and keep being awesome!

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Friday, April 25th 2014) we discuss:


Cyborg is cast in MAN OF STEEL 2

Mark Strong joins GRIMSBY

First WARCRAFT image

AVENGERS 2 opens in UK before US

First AS ABOVE, SO BELOW trailer

More SAW movies?


and live questions from the viewers!

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Thursday April 24th 2014) we discuss:


Whedon describes ULTRON

Scarlett Johansson joins JUNGLE BOOK

Sony making a BARBIE movie

GOOSEBUMPS movie starts production

3rd HOBBIT movie changes title


and live questions from the viewers

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 On this episode of AMC movie Talk (Wednesday April 23rd 2014) we discuss:

Disney head gives details on Star Wars
Captain America 3 could move
No Pirates 5 script yet
Universal planning Jurassic World sequels
Look who is back as The Hulk
Jessica Chastain is Marilyn Monroe
Flash Gordon movie coming
and live viewer questions

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Tuesday April 22nd 2014) we discuss:


DiCaprio and Doyle on Steve Jobs film?

J. Jonah Jameson in SPIDER-MAN 3?

Diesel posts Walker's brothers picture


RESIDENT EVIL 6 to start development

Spielberg and Hanks together again?

TERMINATOR: GENESIS starts shooting

and live viewer questions


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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Monday April 21st 2014) we discuss:


James Franco in new APES movie

Tarantino's HATEFUL EIGHT still on?

BIOSHOCK movie back on

FARSCAPE movie coming?

CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 wins box office again

and live viewer questions!


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