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On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Sunday June 7th 2015) we take the following viewer emails:


Ronny Chea writes: Leaked pictures of the Suicide Squad reveal that Batman is in the movie. Since a Batman solo movie is not slated in the near future, could they just cameo Ben Affleck in the upcoming DC movies with the other superheroes?


Jamari Saint Cyr writes: I love watching your show! I just wanted to know, since throughout the years there have been various Superman films and reboots and I wanted to know which Superman movie do you prefer. The original 1978 film, Superman returns or the present series Man of Steel?


Peter Ohara writes: My question is about the actress Alison Lohman. Growing up I'd see her in supporting roles in small films thinking she was one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood then I was delighted when she got cast in the lead role in Sam Raimi's 'Drag Me To Hell' but she didn't go on the bigger and better things. In fact she didn't go on to anything because she hasn't made a film since and has completely dropped off the radar. I feel it's a shame as she was someone with so much potential but for some reason got lost along the way. My question is do you know the reason for her mysterious departure from film and if not do you have any speculations as to where she has gone?


Christi Balisti writes: As I was listening to one of your recent episodes mentioning Eddie Redmayne joining the Harry Potter Universe, you talked about how some of you wanted Michael Keaton to win the Oscar for best actor last year as opposed to Redmayne. Someone then mentioned how Birdman was much more of an ensemble piece, and that might have swayed the votes from Keaton a bit. That got me thinking, do you think it would be cool to have an "ensemble cast" category for the Oscars?


Cole Zimmerman writes: Hey everyone, love the show. My question regards the prerecorded shows. Early on in Phase 3, John said after a few weeks when you worked out all the kinks you'd go live again. Well, it has been a few months after the successful transition into Phase 3, why are you still not live? Thanks and keep up the good work.


Chris Cooke writes: Straight to it, my question is do you think Captain America and Black widow will have a stronger connection in Civil War where it becomes a love interest, I realize she likes the Hulk but in the comics Capt and Widow were in love


Luke Robinson writes: Hey AMC, thank you for creating the best damn movie talk show on the planet. My question is, from reading a lot of marvel comics and a lot of avengers comics, were you surprised when the MCU decided to choose Scott Lang as their Ant-Man instead of Hank Pym considering how much effect Hank Pym as on comic book history and how many stories he influences? He is the original creator/father to Ultron!  


Adam Hlavac writes: What has AMC Movie Talk and its fan base meant to you?


Andre Fernando Lee writes: What are your favorite memories at doing AMC Movie News?




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On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Saturday June 6th 2015) we take the following viewer emails:


8TH Wonder Of The World writes: Hey amc love the show. I am ashamed to say i have never seen the godfather films. i hope to get round to watching them soon but was wondering whether you feel it would be more beneficial for me to just do part 1 & 2 and skip part 3. I have heard that it really lets the trilogy go with the character Sofia. So is it worth skipping this film just because of one character.


Callum Joynes writes: What are your thoughts on The Good Dinosaur teaser trailer that has just been released? I think it looks amazing. Pixar are back to their best.


Raymundo writes: I was just looking at the movie that have been nominated and won best picture. I noticed that most of them, over 70%, Have been movies based on real life events. Why is that? Are those movies really better or is the Academy bias and blinded by nostalgia?


Show Stopper writes: Hello AMC movie talk, I wanted to know how you guys felt about the casting of Beauty and the Beast. And if there any changes that you would have made. I only have one , Gaston would be played by The Rock Dwayne Johnson. Thanks for your time


Lewis Younan writes: I love the discussions and info you guys share. Can we talk about Disney announcing not to go forward with Tron 3? They were just saying a couple months ago that it's happening and then just pulls the plug because of what?? Tomorrowland's not so great story telling/failure in the box office? Or the not so great success of Tron: Legacy? I feel as though with Joseph Kosinski still at the helm and everyone else coming back to reprise their roles, they could have finished this franchise off beautifully.


Gerald Yelverton writes: Hey guys I have a question about casting for the movie Shazaam. What do you think about John Cena being cast in the lead opposite the rock? He has acting experience in movies like the Marine and such. And he's probably one of the only guys who could stand toe to toe with him and not look tiny. Also John I think I speak for all of us when I say we will definitely miss you and thank you for all that you've done in creating this brand.


Kevin Ducharme writes: Hey guys, my question is about a Spider-man franchise that I just recently found out could have been, and your thoughts on it. I recently watched an old Howard Stern interview with James Cameron that took place back in 1997, just before the release of Titanic. His thoughts on its possible success are interesting, but when asked about what's next for him, he goes on to talk about how he's in talks to acquire the rights to make a Spider-man movie. I love the first two Raimi movies, but I can't help but wonder what could have been if Cameron had a shot at the franchise instead. What are your thoughts?



Ronny Chea writes: Long time listener, I hear a lot about actors that want to play a certain role, but don’t. I wanted to know if any actor that has campaigned for a role actually gotten the role that they were campaigning for? Could this actually work for them?

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