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Collider Movie Talk - San Andreas 2 Announced With The Rock

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (February 19th, 2016) Dennis Tzeng, Kristian Harloff and John Rocha discuss the following:

·      San Andreas 2 announced with The Rock

·      Blade Runner 2 get’s a release date

·      Emily Blunt in talks for Mary Poppins

·      Christian Bale to re-team with Out of the Furnace director

·      Jessica Chastain in talks for Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut

·      Box Office Predictions  (brought to you by AMC theatres)

·      Memorable films

·      Good movies with bad endings

·      and much more…

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Collider Jedi Council - WIll Episode 8 Pick Up Where Episode 7 Left Off?

In this episode of Jedi Council, Kristian, Tiffany and John discuss the Episode 8 production video that was released and where in the timeline Episode 8 will take place. We also discuss casting rumors for Han Solo, casting confirmations in Episode 8 and Peter Mayhew returning again to play Chewie. We discuss Star Wars Rebels, Knights of the Old Republic getting a facelift and Star Wars Comic Issue # 16.

Leave Your comments and enjoy!

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