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Collider Movie Talk - Young Han Solo Cast! Alden Ehrenreich Lands Role

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (May 6th, 2016) Dennis Tzeng, Kristian Harloff, and JTE discuss the following:

-Alden Ehrenreich confirmed as Young Han Solo

-Russo Brothers confirm Captain Marvel for Infinity War

-Adam McKay to direct villain/superhero movie Irredeemable

-Slender Man movie in development at Screen Gems

-Final trailer released for The Nice Guys

New trailer released for Now You See Me 2 

-Box Office Predictions

-Mail Bag

Last night, the long awaited news was finally confirmed by The Wrap and Hail, Caesar! star Alden Ehrenreich has been officially cast as Young Han Solo in the Star Wars Story directed by Phil Miller and Chris Lord. Ehrenreich was universally praised following his breakout role in the Coen brothers feature and has been rumored to be at the top of the list now for weeks. Lord and Miller’s Han Solo movie is set to begin production in January 2017 and won’t hit theaters until 2018.

The Russo Brothers might have just confirmed Captain Marvel for Avengers: Infinity War Part 1. During a Captain America: Civil War event screening and Q and A at the Smithsonian Institute, the Russo's were speaking about the upcoming Infinity War when they mentioned Captain Marvel by name. A fan quickly asked for clarification, saying - "did you just confirm Captain Marvel?” The Russos replied, half jokingly, half serious: "Um....Captain Barvel. Totally different character." The flub has since lit up the Twitter-verse, with fans using the hashtag #MarvelAtSIdocumenting the conversation. 


In a report from Deadline, 20th Century Fox has tapped into an entirely new superhero universe, acquiring the rights to the Boom comic book series, Irredeemable, adapting it as a directing vehicle for Adam McKay. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters writer Tommy Wirkola is writing the screenplay. The Mark Waid-created comic book debuted in 2009, and tells the story of Plutonian, the world’s greatest superhero who began heartlessly slaughtering the population of Earth. 

The Slender Man is now headed from the internet to the big screen. The meme that launched a thousand more memes about a faceless man with unnaturally long arms is now up for a big screen adaptation with Screen Gems producing the film version of the internet-grown intellectual property. The Slender Man concept began with Eric Knudsen creating photos of children and a Photoshopped figure involved in causing the disappearance of children and other horrifying acts. 

Warner Bros. has released the final trailer for the Shane Black directed The Nice Guys. The trailer includes plenty of new footage to help get people even more excited; with many film buffs now calling this one of their most anticipated films since the project was announced. Set in 1970s Los Angeles, the story finds Ryan Gosling’s down-on-his-luck private eye teaming up with Russell Crowe’s hired enforcer to solve the case of a missing girl and the seemingly unrelated death of a porn star. 

Lionsgate has released a new Now You See Me 2 trailer along with the very first clip. The movie this time around shows the Four Horsemen committing a heist rather than their usual M.O. of using magic tricks to steal from the rich and give to the poor. The clip also reveals Morgan Freeman’s incarcerated bad guy providing a brief recap of the first movie, setting up his showdown with the Horsemen that will most likely happen in the upcoming sequel. 




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