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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Monday May 20, 2013) we discuss:

1) 3 mistakes Paramount made with Star Trek Into Darkness

2) Iron Man in Avengers 2?

3) Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver 

4) Red 3 

5) Assassin's Creed to release Memorial Day weekend 2015

6) Dark Shadows sequel?

7) Paul Thomas Anderson or Chris Nolan?

8) Krypto the Superdog in Man of Steel?

9) Films based on animals?

10) Apocalypse

On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Friday May 17th 2013) we discuss:

Christopher Nolan in talks to take over JAMES BOND

Stallone announces Jackies Chan & Wesley Snipes


Gerard Butler is THE RAVEN

New PACIFIC RIM trailer

Should Gina Carano be WONDER WOMAN?

Will MAN OF STEEL break $1 Billion at the box office?

...and much much more!

On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Monday May 13th 2013) we discuss:

Robert Downey Jr teams with Jon Favraeu on CHEF

STAR TREK scribed fears being "eclipsed" by STAR WARS

The future of THE HOST movies

24 movie officially dead?

GREMLINS reboot takes a step forward

First draft of CLERKS 3 script finished


Why Comic Book movies succeed

When do RESIDENT EVIL movies end?

Who should play DR. STRANGE?

TV shows to Movie problems

GRAVITY and the cast

On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Friday May 10, 2013) with guest Dan Deevy from, we discuss:

1) Pirates 5 director hunt

2) Joe Wright being eyed to helm 50 Shades

3) 300 sequel shifts release date

4) All You Need is Kill shifts release date

5) Big Hero 6


7) Vince Vaughn joins Daddy's Home

8) Smallville

9) Highlander

10) Harry Potter

11) Avengers Leader

12) Reign of Fire

On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Thursday May 9th, 2013) we discuss: 

1) Cyclops in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

2) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes updates

3) Jurassic Park IV abandons release date

4) Jean Grey only in flashbacks in Wolverine?

5) Richard Madden cast as Prince in Cinderella

6) Robert Redford's next project

7) Alicia Vikander joins Man from U.N.C.L.E.

8) Green Arrow

9) Transporter/Fast and Furious

10) Avengers 2

11) Trailers

On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Wednesday May 8th, 2013), with director Jon Schnepp, we discuss:

1) Marvel updates on upcoming projects

2) Dungeons and Dragons reboot

3) Wolverine teaser end-credits scene

4) Andrew Garfield to star in Scorsese's next film

5) Doc Savage

6) Hot Tube Time Machine 2

7) Jurassic Park 4 delays

8) Inception Sequel?

9) Oscars/Comic Books

10) Source material

On this installment of AMC Movie Talk (Tuesday May 7th 2013) we discuss:

Jason Statham villain for FAST AND FURIOUS 7

Tom Cruise signs up for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5

Ewan McGregor joins JANE GOT A GUN

Marvel/Fox/Sony character trades

V movie chances

... and much more!

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Thursday May 2nd, 2013) we discuss:

1) Michael B. Jordan in talks to play Human Torch in Fantastic Four reboot

2) Kelsey Grammer joins Transformers 4

3) Logan Lerman joins Fury

4) Bradley Cooper exits Jane Got a Gun

5) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

6) Avengers 2 

7) Wolverine CinemaCon Clip

8) DC Universe

9) Midnight Screenings

10) Bad Boy 3?

11) Silver Surfer's return?

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Wednesday May 1st 2013) we discuss:

1) John Williams likely returning for STAR WARS VII

2) Is this the first cast for FANTASTIC FOUR reboot?

3) New STAR TREK Imax poster

4) Magneto and Amidala for MACBETH

5) Jon Hamm joins MINIONS

6) DISTRICT 9 team to team up again


8) Jedi twins casting ideas

9) ENDER'S GAME development

10) Will there be an IRON MAN 4?

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Tuesday April 30th, 2013) we discuss:

1) Olga Kurylenko joins Vampire Academy 

2) James Franco's next directorial effort 

3) Kevin Costner's Black and Blue

4) Alexander Skarsgard in The Crow remake?

5) Scott Stuber to produce Gears of War movie

6) Capsule sci-fi project

7) Iron Man 3 vs. Man of Steel openings

8) Clone Wars

9) Copycat movies

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