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Welcome to our spoiler filled X-Men: Days of future Past review.

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Friday May 23rd 2014) we discuss:


Gareth Edwards directing 1st STAR WARS spin off

Edwards still directing GODZILLA 2

Alfonso Cuaron to helm THE SHINING prequel?

New Lionsgate/WWE 6 film deal

Explaining X-MEN Post Credits Scene


and live questions from the viewers!

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On this installment of AMC Movie Talk (Thursday May 22nd 2014) we discuss:



Is Magneto Quicksilver's father?

Cumberbatch and Scott join BLACK MASS

New SIN CITY character posters


 and live questions from the viewers!

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AMC Jedi Council talking all Star Wars! Today John, Kristian and Paul talk about the challenges of keeping production secrets under wraps in the modern age, the power of the Ewoks, first pictures from the Episode VII set and much more!

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Wednesday May 21st 2014) we discuss:


Director of BLENDED in studio!

Batman v Superman title revealed

Fast 7 pics surface

Coen Brothers to write next Spielberg film

Chance to be in STAR WARS EP VII


and questions from the viewers!

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Tuesday May 20th 2014) we discuss:


Alfonso Cuaron may direct FANTASTIC BEASTS

New FOXCATCHER trailer

Quicksilver in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

JURASSIC WORLD plot details rumors

Hugh Jackman talks X-MEN: DOFP

and live questions from the audience



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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Monday May 18th 2014) we discuss:


GODZILLA sequel already in the works



New description for MINIONS

Box Office results

and live questions from the viewers


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On this installment of AMC Mail Bag (Sunday May 18th 2014) John Campea and Jon Schnepp take the following viewer emails:

Jasemine Jackson writes: Hey there sons and daughters of AMC! Love the show; the only place I go for my movie news! I would like to ask something along the lines about AMC rather than films. We fans are very vocal about our opinions and concerns when it comes to the movies we watch (especially within the geek community), and I was wondering if you all ever thought of bringing in a fan to talk with you all on your live broadcastings.

Bryan Bruner writes: Hello amc, I've noticed that people don't seem to enjoy the DC movies quite as much. Personally I loved the dark knight trilogy. And the man of steel, their movies are a lot more darker and serious, while MARVEL has a little to much comedy. I just wanted to know why do you think people enjoy MARVEL movies more than DC?

Ben Zepp writes: I was wondering why Marvel did not shoot and release Ant Man before Age on Ultron and use part of Ant Man as a tool to show the more traditional well known origin of Ultron that Hank Pym creates. Thank you very much for your time.

jordan curet writes: Hey everyone at AMCMovietalk just wanted to say you guys rock first off. I'm a huge fan of the show and I've been watch for since the beginning of this year, So my question is what do you guys think of the new movie coming out The Hundred Foot Journey. I love cooking movies and this one looks really awesome. Just wondering, thanks for the great show and keep bringing the filthy!

Joe Meade writes: You truly are the best damn movie news show on the internet! Been watching since the beginning! My question is if you've heard anything about a Bret Hart biopic based off his book and his documentaries? He was my hero growing up and I believe his story would make a great movie. Also would you want this to happen?

Holly writes: I had a question regarding movie review embargoes. The Fault in Our Stars has been giving advanced screenings to critics and fans the last couple weeks, so I went online, figuring I could read a few reviews, only to discover that reviews had been embargoed until the day of the movie's release. I know plenty of movies place embargo dates on reviews, but still allow reviews to be released a couple weeks ahead of the movie to generate positive buzz. So my question is: if a studio decides to embargo reviews until just a few days before / the day of the movie's release, is that an indicator of the movie's quality? (i.e., does that mean the studio thinks the movie isn't going to be well received and wants to minimize the damage done by negative reviews coming out too early?).

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On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Saturday May 17th 2014) John Campea and Jon Schnepp take the following viewer questions:


Evan Williams writes: Hey guys love the show! I've been with you since the man of steel review and I've been hooked ever since. my question is do you think that batman vs superman will be like amazing Spider-Man 2 over crowding villains but with heroes? I think the movie will be good without Wonder Woman and cyborg (victor viggleston or whatever his name is) when I think about it it's not a lot of guys but then again it is. and if as john says they'll probably play a small part I might be ok but what do you think.


Ryan Hubeny writes: Hey all of AMC crew, love your show! I was wondering do you by chance think its possible for a Scooby Doo remake or reboot. Thanks and keep bringing the filthy!


No Name write: Greeting and salutations AMC warriors, I love the show and watch your movie talks everyday. My question to you is, is Dwayne Johnson's secret DC character Shazam? He fits all three characteristics Dwayne Johnson said in an interview. #1. He's complex and has a lot going on #2. His powers are on par with Superman and #3. He's pretty well known. What'd you guys think and love the show keep up the amazing work.


Marco Tulio Zahn writes: Hi amc movie talk. I'm a huge fan of star trek and was wondering if u guys think it is possible for us to see some next generation stuff in the third installment of the rebooted star trek movie franchise. They could even cast Tom Hardy for the role of younger Cap. Jean-Luc Piccard since he has kinda played this role in Star Trek Nemesis.


Jason Ounpraseuth writes: Hey AMC! I wanted to know what the term "in talks" means. I usually see that said when a director or actor is mentioned for a movie. How much of a percentage does that term guarantee that a director/actor is signed on to the project?



Daniel writes: Hey guys, watch your show religiously. Keep up the great work. My question is since they already announced Apocalypse as the next x-men movie, don't you think it's a little too quick to bring a villain such like him into the franchise; I mean he's apocalypse the top bad guy in the x-men saga who do you think could top him? I was maybe thinking Onslaught, what do you guys think? Thanks and bring the filthy!

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On today's AMC Movie Talk we take the whole episode to just take viewer questions! Join us!

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