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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Friday March 21st 2014) we discuss:

Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs?
FANTASTIC FOUR reboot sequel planned
Golem to direct JUNGLE BOOK
March Movie Madness Tournament Round 2!
And questions from the viewers!

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Thursday March 20th 2014) We discuss:


GAME OF THRONES movie talks

SPLINTER CELL movie gets director

Lord/Miller up for GHOSTBUSTERS

Is Marvel getting darker?

INCREDIBLES 2 timeline

Is JURASSIC WORLD bad guy Dr. Wu?

A 3rd 300 movie?

and questions from the viewers!


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On this installment of AMC Movie Talk (Wednesday March 19th 2014) we discuss:


AVENGERS 2 Hulkbuster art

GHOSTBUSTERS moving ahead

SECTION 6 gets director


New GODZILLA trailer

The beginning of the Superhero March Movie Madness Tournament! Fill out your brackets!




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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Tuesday March 18th 2014) we discuss:


New PEANUTS teaser

Arnold talks TERMINATOR

SEX TAPE poster


Alison Brie joins GET HARD

Fox dumping FANTASTIC FOUR team?

NEED FOR SPEED sequel chances

and questions from the viewers!

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AMC Movie Talk (Monday March 17th 2014)

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On this installment of AMC Mail Bag (Saturday March 15th 2014) we take the following viewer emails:


Elias Tafwed writes: Hey AMC! I love the show and watch everyday! My question is: what is your favorite remake?


Jamail Van Dyke writes: Hello john! With alll these movies being redone. What do you think about rebooting the Rambo franchise in a present day setting being that the first movie was released over 30yrs ago. I think they should cast the Rock as John Rambo.  He would be a perfect fit.


Julius Sprouse writes: Hiyoo! Love the show. I read there is talk of a Space Jams 2 and could feature Lebron James replacing Michael Jordan. What are your thoughts on this? And could you clarify and rumors floating around?


Jamison Plakon writes: So the other day you talked about batman vs superman and a marvel movie opening same weekend in 2016. My question is why does that matter whats wrong with two movies coming out at the same time? I mean don't people go to see more than 1 movie? There enough people who will see both movies and even maybe in the same weekend.


Carl Fleming writes: Greetings from Christchurch New Zealand. I saw Rango back in 2011 and absolutely loved it, from Hans Zimmers score to the impressive animation, it was so much fun while also paying homage to classic westerns. Do you think it is likely we'll see a sequel any time soon?


Michael Grippa writes: I have been hooked on your show for the past 10 months and have not missed a show. Here is my question, do you think that Marvel will kill Steve Rogers in Captain America 2 or 3 and Bucky Barnes will take over the mantle of Captain America (Since Sebastian Stan just got a 9 film deal with Marvel)? Keep up the great work and bring on the filthy!



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On today's AMC Mail Bag, we take the following viewer questions:


Montier Bailey writes: whats up AMC guys and gals! love the show! my question is for Campea and Amirose. when you guys watch early screenings of movies do they include movie trailers before the showing? if so i was wonder if you guys got so see the TMNT trailer that i have heard is going to be shown before winter soldier? thanks guys! i love this show like a fat kid loves cake! lol


David Ramsay writes: On November 7th of last year I attended the Thor Marathon AMC's Theaters were having for its release, and had a spectacular time. It was great to be able to see three movies Thor was in together, and even better to be able to see The Avengers on the big screen again. My question is why this is not being done for the release of Captain America: Winter Soldier as well? Was the promotion just not profitable enough to do again or is there some other reason?


Cheryl Dickson writes: Hi AMC. So I read on a website the other day that Sebastian Stan signed a 9 film deal with Marvel. Does this mean that Bucky could eventually become the new Captain America and that they'll kill Steve Rogers off?


Blake Bonecutter writes: Hey there talkers, love the show! Do you think that the new Star Wars movies will end up being considered as canon in the Star Wars universe? Or do you think with so many coming out (plus spinoffs) that only those original six will be considered the 'official' Star Wars movies, and all others just viewed as cool add-ons like the games and books?


Sully writes: Hey amc crew! Love the show! My question is: How come Batman Vs Superman is getting more buzz and rumors about it as opposed to Avengers Age of Ultron? Is it because people are concerned for BvS or they think it's going to do better and want it to succeed? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks



Jamison Mozey writes: Hey AMC love your show, my question is about the Tron franchise. I heard a while back that a Tron Legacy sequel was being made and haven't heard any news on its since. Is it still happening, or is it dead? I also think the Tron franchise has so much potential. Thank's so much

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Friday March 14th 2014)...


We have The Winter Solider himself, Sebastian Stan, in studio to talk about his new film CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLIDER, and we take live viewer questions!


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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Thursday March 13th 2014) we discuss:


Candidates for STAR WARS lead role

Irons says BATMAN VS SUPERMAN script not done

Rooney Mara to join PAN

Maggie Grace back for TAKEN 3

Helena Bonham Carter back to Wonderland

Jim Carey's Oscar potential

and live viewer questions.


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On this installment of AMC Movie Talk (Wednesday March 12th 2014) we discuss:


Doctor Doom casting

Jamie Foxx and Kevin Hart movie

Whedon directs Captain America scene

Doctor Strange director choice

Godzilla footage shown

Eva Green for Underworld?

Adam Sandler: Oscar winner?

and live questinos from the viewers!

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